Professional engineering with glass and steel

The strengths of our company lie in the execution of particularly complex construction projects and are based on special skills in planning and installation preparation, which ensure that orders consistently meet very high quality standards and are delivered on time.
Our services range from carrying out static pre-dimensioning and calculations up to component tests and creating mock-ups.
We benefit from our long-standing cooperation with architects, engineering firms and construction companies, which helps to make our projects a success.
We focus on what we can do and, based on our experience and cooperation with our partners, set out to find new, customised, innovative and complete solutions for your projects. For this purpose, we pool our skills and offer you everything necessary to create the finished building of your dreams, from advice, development and planning to production, assembly, commissioning and maintenance.

Delivering high-quality work on schedule and the satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities.
Last but not least, we cannot forget the day-to-day services and the quality of our customer service, where we carry out glass and window repairs and emergency repairs of any kind.